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Has anyone seen my earmuffs anywhere?

I managed to go eleven years without losing my cheap Claire's earmuffs, and then I seem to have lost the beautiful expensive ones my mother got me in under a year. :(
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Last night I was rather unwise and went to the pub. In Reading. And then I had a pint of Strongbow. And then I had two half-pints of Weston's Old Rosie. And then I decided staying up until one in the morning explaining all about all my cousins to [livejournal.com profile] deeply_spurious was a good idea. And then I slept in my contact lenses.

Scrumpy. Just say no.

Leaving Reading this morning I nearly hit two herons flying across the road. I thought they were unusually big birds, and then I got closer and thought they were really big, and then I saw dangly legs. Not your typical urban road menace.

I've also found blueberries in the fridge with a best-before date of July 21st. The first mystery is how they survived without going the teensiest bit mouldy, and the second mystery is how on earth they escaped being eaten for so long.


Mar. 13th, 2007 05:02 pm
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Stupid modern offices. It's so air-conditioned in here I'm typing away in a jumper and fingerless gloves. This seems Wrong.
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So who's coming to Devilish Presley this Sunday at the Railway in Winchester?

I can't wait for the five minute stagger home from the venue ...
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... include setting the alarm for half seven on a Saturday morning to get up in time for the builders to arrive at half eight. Rather worse is hitting snooze until twenty past eight and then having to leap out of bed to answer the phone and doorbell, which were going simultaneously - the phone was the builder out back, and the doorbell was the driver of the skip lorry out front wondering where he could put his skip. Then I had to have a frantic bit of imposing on the goodwill of my neighbours to get them to move two cars to accomodate the skip. Now I need to go find another neighbour to point out that his car was put in a short term car park by his neighbour and will soon be ticketed unless he moves it ... Gah.

Edit: 2:29 pm, and I've already gone through a whole bowl of sugar. And half my coffee filters.
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I have two tickets for a recording of the News Quiz with Sandi Toksvig tomorrow which I don't think I'll be able to make. The studio is near Goodge St, and it starts at half seven. I expect you'd need to arrive well before that to be sure of getting in, though. Because it's a BBC thing, if I don't go they make a note and never ever give me tickets again and sent armed thugs to my house in the night. So I'd like to give the tickets away, but only to someone who's sure they can make it. If I pop them in the post at lunchtime they should make it in time.

Anyone interested?
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Happy new year, everyone!

I am currently ringing in the new year with the most abominable jet lag. I don't usually suffer it all, but I'm entirely and painfully out of kilter this year. I landed back from Toronto Friday morning. Napped Friday day, as I always do. Went to bed at ten Friday night, woke up at half two, and stayed awake until half eight, when I fell back asleep until one. Went to bed at four Saturday night, due to usual weekend activities, rather than jet lag. Slept well. Went to bed at eight on Sunday, due to usual NYE activities. Slept well, but had to get up at one to faff with car. Went to bed at midnight or so on Monday. Woke at three fifteen. Watched clock until five, then got up and went to work.

And I forgot my nicely-prepared breakfast and lunch, too. :(
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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] edling! May yuor day be filled with candles and cakes!
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Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] suicideally! Fingers crossed for lots of fab gifts.


Sep. 8th, 2006 10:40 am
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Summer is officially Over. Last night I had to have the lights on when I cycled home, for the first time since the spring. More depressingly, blueberries have just doubled in price. Soon they'll be out of the shops entirely.

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I did a bit of further research after today's MusicNonStop newsletter. I see that if I were to buy the new Emilie Autumn album, I would get not only a CD, but helpful makeup hints too:

On August 18, 2006, Emilie announced that she was releasing a double-disc edition of her Opheliac album, with additional liner notes including photos, makeup application tips, and poetry.

I can't decide if that's really surreally lame, or really surreally cool.
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I saw two stoats on the way to work. I've only ever seen one before in the wild, and it was sort of dead and flat, so it was definitely not so free as these two. They were a little matched pair, and absolutely adorable.
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There are places one expects to see horses on the road, and places one does not. I would say that at 8:00 in the morning on the busiest road in the centre of Winchester would be one of the places one does not expect to see a horse. Much less a group of a good six or eight horses. With riders in camouflage.

I assume it was some sort of military exercise, particularly since the horses were fairly uniform. However, they weren't all wearing the same boots. (And gosh, do formal riding boots look incongruous with cammo trousers tucked in.)
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Seen today, on a tiny little note by a till:

"Please note. Our framing service does not include putting the pictures into the frames."


I'm glad I took my precious carried-from-New-York Georgia O'Keeffe poppy print elsewhere, then.
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Continuing the recent trend of wholesome family-friendly weekend pursuits, I went bowling last Saturday.

Gosh, I'm bad at bowling. I can barely lift the lightest balls, much less roll them straight.
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And now my insurance have no idea if they've sent a glazier out or not, because the 24-hour claim phoneline have no record of my claim and no idea if a glazier is on the way. Three phone calls were required to establish they really have no idea. All were greeted by blank incomprension and 'could you repeat your postcode? I can't seem to find you ...'

Andy's now on the phone attempting to book the new designated glazier, who is different from the first glazier, who may or may not be on their way still.
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The Cadbury Chocolate Couture Collection

The jewellery is all chocolate. The stockings are painted on chocolate. The bustle is chocolate coated organdy. And the models were refrigerated beforehand. :) Aaaah, Cadbury marketing dollars.

Uh oh

Oct. 24th, 2005 03:12 am
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This weekend I have mostly been being busy. )
Today I am planning lots of meals heavy on lemon and garlic, and doing happy dances to the no-flu-before-Whitby gods.
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Ok, how long before I'm grown up enough to have my own black labradoodle?

I want one noooooooow. Now now now!

Oh dear. That definitely means a 'good few years yet, dear' doesn't it?

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The more I read about New Orleans, the sicker I feel.

Toronto's paper, The Globe and Mail, had an interesting analysis.
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