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Do you think laundry is less boring when it's not all black?
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The bad news:

  • I'm ill.

  • I have a deadline today, so I can't not-work.

The good news:

  • I'm working from home, home being bed in this case.

  • Andy brought me flowers and chicken soup.

  • Radio 6 are playing the goth Indie Disco special. Which is Bauhaus at the moment. Rock on.

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... and when I saw these I nearly pissed myself laughing, but now a tiny part of me is trying to persuade the sensible part that they do actually meet most of my criteria ... and they'd be mostly hidden ... and the blue boots that I have at the moment are knackered and I think the sole is about to crack ... and ...

please save me by pointing out how ridiculous these would look, even under long trousers )


May. 26th, 2005 02:58 pm
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Pale blue blouses and eating at one's desk don't mix. Especially not if avocado is involved. Now I'll look ridiculous for the rest of the afternoon. :(
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Last night I dreamt I shot [livejournal.com profile] attack_monkey. It wasn't out of malice, it was that an armed robber had attempted to burgle a shop we were in, and then the armed robber went away but his spirit possessed Tim, so I had to shoot Tim to prevent him committing a crime. Makes sense, right? I can't help feeling, though, that while shooting him once (in the chest) might have been justified under the circumstances, shooting him again in the head was perhaps a bit excessive. Sorry, Tim!


May. 1st, 2005 04:12 pm
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Anyone going to Resurgence tonight? I can't decide what my motivation level is ...

Back now.

Apr. 25th, 2005 08:01 pm
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No Whitby for six months now. Boo. Hiss.

Had a lovely time, overall. Spent lots of time nattering at various people, made new friends, saw the sea, drank far too little, drove too long ...
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... and then it's off home, pack, prepare, and then tomorrow morning it'off to Whitby. Hurray!
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Anybody else going to see Queen Adreena in Oxford this Saturday?
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"Its narrow streets have appeared in scenes in Emmerdale, and were the backdrop to many episodes of Heartbeat." They're gunning for Unesco world heritage site status, apparently.
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Doing the BCS programming competition tomorrow, and our team name is Codeine Zebras.

How cute is that? I'm very proud of my joke, rather tragically.
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Brrrrr. Stayed late at work working on my MSc assignment (due Tuesday, ulp), then cycled home. Then regretted it once I realised how cold and head-wind-y it was. I don't like cycling late at night in the country lanes because I always worry (possibly irrationally) about getting raped and killed, but a girl's can't let her life be ruled by fear of dark places.

In other news:

Help, I'm a meme-lemming. :) I think these are things I'm unique in doing among my friends-list ...
I was scraping the barrel with some of them and I still only got to nine.

Ten things about me )
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... being in a flat with a freshly replastered wall and resisting the temptation to poke at it.

I just want to see how it responds to pressure, and it looks so lovely and smooth that I want to feel the texture. And one little poke can't hurt, can it? Anyway, it's my plastering and I paid for it so I can touch it if I want to, can't I? And what if it's not as smooth as it looks, I need to find out sooner rather than later, don't I?


It was bad enough when the man was applying it -- it went on just like frosting on a cake, all soft and spreadable, and I soooo wanted a go myself.

Today's new career plan: professional plasterer. Although given my apparent Problem with fresh plaster, it might be a very short-lived career.
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Nicked from [livejournal.com profile] ant_girl:

What kind of goth am I? )

How poor a goth am I? )
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Had my car serviced this week. The good news is that now that the new engine has had its 500 mile service, I can drive it above mph again. So now I can drive to the Poppies on Tuesday at a reasonable pace. Hurrah!

Total bill: £184

I also got my bicycle serviced, which apparently is going to involve replacing large chunks of the brakes and the chain.

Total bill: ~£180

What's wrong with this picture??

It reminds me of when my bike and my car both went in for new tyres at the same time and the bike tyres were £22 each and the car tyres were £19 each. The only reason the bike came in cheaper was because it had two wheels instead of four.

Today's big expenditure, though, was IKEA. I've been hunting for a bathroom cabinet for ages and all I'd seen were expensive, cheap-looking, ones. Expensive I might have been able to tolerate, but not in something that looked so cheap (in the good cases) or ugly (in the bad cases). Ikea had loads of nice cabinets, though. I ended up leaving with the most expensive one (ooh, get me!). Not only was it better quality than any others I'd seen (solid birch, mirrored inside the doors, glass shelves), it was also less money than any I'd seen anywhere else, even in places like B&Q.

I also bought a frame -- which may or may not be the right size -- for an Olivia Bettie Page poster I bought ages ago, two plants and ceramic pots, three little cacti, two watering cans, a little box with drawers for under the bathroom vanity, six tea light holders, and about three hundred candles of various varieties. The only downside was that I didn't end up finding any bookcases deep enough to accommodate my stereo and shallow enough to fit in the alcove beside the fireplace that I actually liked. They had one, and it was nice solid dark-stained pine, and not much money, but the styling was rather fussy. Poo.

Total bill: £104.

So in order of value, I think we can safely rank them as IKEA, car garage, bicycle shop. However, the fact that I'm in a position to compare all three simultaneously suggests that next month's credit card bill is going to be a very bad experience indeed.
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I was browsing in a shop, and I saw a plush sheep. I've got a bit of a sheep fixation, so I looked at it closer, and realised it was wearing a wolly black cable-knit sweater. "Aww," I thought, but sheep in sweaters are a fairly common motif. Then I looked closer and realised it was also wearing black and white striped tights and black woolly legwarmers, too. The legwarmers really reminded me of a pair I'd knit myself a few years ago. And the tights reminded me of tights I used to wear when I was a little goth. And I'm rather partial to fuzzy woolly jumpers.

Is it right to identify so strongly with a cuddly toy?
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Oogh, must really stop going out in the evening or I'll never absorb anything on this course. Except for tomorrow, when I've made plans to go up to London to see an ex visiting from Canada. Tomorrow being ... er .. the last evening of the course.


Late nights 1, Holly 0.

Ho hum ...

Jan. 10th, 2005 06:43 pm
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I'm in Oxford for the week on a course, which is very pleasant. It's such a nice break to not have to worry about dealing with any of my errands. For example, there's nothing I can do about repairing my back gate (which blew down over the weekend), because it's in Winchester and I'm not. For a similar reason, I can't make any more progress on the restoration of the antique bronze floor lamp I carted back with me from Canada. I was going great guns on the weekend and had got almost all the parts I needed in just two trips to a relatively local shop, but I've now realised I'm going to need to order other bits I need online, and the cost is starting to add up. Minimum orders don't help either. I'll need to order a set of ten candle tubes, since the ones I got locally are too short (d'oh!), and five rotary switches. I'll only need to order one glass reflector bowl, but it'll have to be from the states, and so the boi will have to carry it back as hand luggage from Raleigh in February, assuming I can get it delivered to his hotel. For some reason he seems rather grouchy about being my lamp mule. :)

And then there's the shade to worry about. I'll have to find a nice drum one with exacly the right height and diameter, which might be non-trivial. I splashed out on sixteen pounds' worth of cord-covered flex on my second trip to the lamp shop to replace the repulsive pseudo-bronze flex she'd sold me the first time, and the second set candle tubes are going to be significantly posher than the first set, and the reflector bowl is a bit of an extravagance since a normal shade harp might do just as well at supporting a shade. And of course once I've invested in those I'll have to invest in a nice shade, really, or the previous investments will have been wasted ... :/ I just hope I don't end up with a bronze pink elephant at the end.

I had loads of fun playing with wires on the weekend, though. I know it gets taught in British schools, but the idea of disassembling plugs and stripping flex and all that kind of thing is completely foreign to little Canadian me. I was surprised how easy it was once I got over my initial 'but it's domestic electricity and therefore sacred and untouchable!' anxiety.
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I got black waffle weave tea towels. :) And an adorable fifties style black jumper with a big button on the collar and three quarter length sleeves. Unfortunately it looks silly on, so that has to go back to the shop. :( And I got a steel wine rack and a steel scale and blue silicon oven gloves (soooo handy and washable and dirty-able). And silicon pastry brushes (no more lingering oil residue in the bristle brushes .. ). And a lovely wool-lined silk scarf, black with blue stripes, which I'd picked out previously. Yay!

Now I just need to head out into the crowds to finish my christmas shopping. Booo.... :(
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