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Oct. 24th, 2005 03:12 am
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  • Went to the very stylish birthday party of [livejournal.com profile] katykitten on Friday

  • Started my new wool-cotton sateen for-Whitby skirt. Sewed fiendishly on Saturday, stopping only for a delicious lunch of rye toast, quarted granny smith, and gruyere.

  • Popped into town for a bit of boot shopping. My current boots have officially been declared DOA by the cobbler

  • Sewing sewing sewing

  • Trout for dinner. Yum.

  • Took a break from sewing to help Andy rearrange the pebbles in my front garden so that they looked decent instead of disreputable

  • Finally stopped and relaxed by starting a work presentation in front of the fire

  • Continued sewing earnestly on Sunday, getting to the setting the zipper stage

  • Made an intoxicatingly good quorn tikka after lunch. Who knew a few spices and a bit of yoghurt could produce something so gorgeous?

  • Had friends round for dinner to consume said quorn tikka and a rather nice saag paneer, also made by my own fair hands

On the other hand, the flurry of activity seems looks like it might impact Whitby rather negatively

  • Got to bed at half twelve Saturday night, and was woken at eight by a gleeful Andy explaining I had loads to do

  • Slept very poorly Saturday night, and was kept awake by sniffles

  • Slept even more poorly Saturday night, and was kept awake by serious sniffles. Only managed to get to sleep about half an hour before the alarm.

  • Did not do any Whitby packing or planning. Am feeling distinctly unenthused at the prospect of trying to reshuffle my existing clothes into exciting new outfits. Several Whitbys on the trot with a 'no new clothes' rule are starting to make my closet feel very boring.

  • Was busy cooking and grocery shopping on Sunday, and therefore did not get the skirt as close to finished as it probably has to be in order to be ready by Wednesday. This will not help the above clothing situation. Damn you, Tesco, for hiding the garam masala in a completely different aisle from the rest of the spices.

Today I am planning lots of meals heavy on lemon and garlic, and doing happy dances to the no-flu-before-Whitby gods.

Date: 2005-10-24 11:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] suicideally.livejournal.com
>Today I am planning lots of meals heavy on lemon and garlic, and doing happy dances to the no-flu-before-Whitby gods.

I'm popping vitamin C pills every few hours and wrapping up warm, but still I had a bit of a sore throat today... nooooo!


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